A mentoring program to build bridges between cultures

Are you currently living in France, Greece, Norway, Spain, Switzerland or Turkey? Then MentorPower is made for you!

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More information

MentorPower aims to pilot a model of "Engagement Mentoring", an innovative and sustainable program for migrant youth aged 16 - 25, for a two year period (2015 - 2017). The objective is to facilitate their integration, in particular on the labour market, through mentoring. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ program from the European Commission and gathers a consortium of international partners (France, Greece, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey).

An international project

MentorPower is first of all an international cooperation project (a "strategic partnership" founded by Erasmus+) between France, Greece, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. We are six organisations, situated in harbour cities of Europe and the Mediterranean sea, which share a common interest for the themes of youth and mobility. Over a two year period we are combining activities on a local level and holding transnational meetings to develop a model of innovative and sustainable "engagement mentoring".